Our Relationship with the Holy Spirit

The 'Wild Goose' series by 4PM MEDIA is an in-depth, fantastic series that explores who the Holy Spirit is and how to develop a relationship with Him.

Segment 1: God's Love Poured Out  
Segment 2: Breath of God
Segment 3: Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire 
Segment 4: The Spirit and Our Lady
Segment 5: Gifts of the Spirit
Segment 6: The Spirit and the Eucharist
Segment 7: The Spirit of Adoption
Segment 8: The Spirit and the Sacraments
Segment 9: The Fruits of the Spirit
Segment 10: The Spirit and the Desert
Segment 11: The Spirit Convicts
Segment 12: The Spirit's Freedom 
Segment 13: The Spirit's Witness 
Segment 14: The Spirit Remembers