As part of Westminster Youth Ministry, we believe in community and the life-giving benefits of entering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

These things can be found in abundance within our very own Church and we want to give young people as many ways as possible to explore these treasures of our faith.

To support this, we work as part of the Hemel Hempstead parishes and JFK Catholic School to provide the best quality opportunities  for this exploration.


To find out more, please contact our Leader of Youth Ministry, Callum at callummoore@rcdow.org.uk

We believe all young Catholics can embrace who they are;
find fulfilment in Christ, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To support young people's development into well informed, community minded and passionate saints of the next generation


Our Vision

Our vision is of a church in Hemel Hempstead where young people are an active and engaged part of the wider community. A place where all members have a living relationship with Jesus Christ and this hub becomes a home from which the saints and leaders of the next generation emerge!

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Our Structure

To help young people explore their spirituality we aim to provide support at 5 stages of spiritual development:


Giving young people opportunities to feel part of the community and recognise their value. Examples: Wildlife Wardens & The REaction Team Projects


Providing opportunities for young people to encounter God in prayer and develop this life giving relationship. Examples: Midweek Rest & Before and After School Prayer

Conversion of Heart

Helping young people unpack their relationship with God and  deciding how to live out their faith. Examples: One to One Support & Pilgrimage opportunities.


Giving young people the opportunity to explore the wealth of wisdom and insight the Church provides us. Examples: The Explore Section & Faith in Action Award 


Providing young people opportunities to share their faith and support other young people through these 5 stages of Spiritual development. Examples: Cafod & REaction Leadership Teams, Faith In Action Award and Eucharistic Ministers